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ValidVol - Methodology


The activities will be implemented according to the bottom-up approach, where the target group and stakeholders will be involved from the very beginning.

Each partner organisation will set up a national network including the major stakeholders. The network will sustain the partner organisation in the implementation of all activities in their country. The project stakeholders are: voluntary service organisations, training agencies and vocational schools, NGOs, professionals in the educational sector, policy makers, local, regional and national authorities, employment offices, trade unions, employers associations.

The most important activities are:

  1. To develop a system for the validation of the key competences of volunteers in the partner countries taking into account the experiences gained in other EU programmes;

  2. To test the validation system in the partner countries;

  3. To develop a model for validating key competences;

  4. To draft and publish a handbook for operators in charge of the validation process translated in the partner languages;