BFI OÖ is an Upper Austrian vocational training institution that meets the new requirements of the 21st century’s labour market. It has become a market leader in all variations of re-entry into the job market, second chance education and vocational qualification in health, social and other service jobs. It provides an integrated spectrum of education and training covering all qualification levels - including university degrees - for both professional and occupational applications afford a significant edge to both single participants in training courses or seminars and to organisations, companies or special interest groups.

Figures (annual):

  • Courses: 5.000
  • Turnover: 54 Mio Euro
  • Employees: 1.385 (including 1.230 trainers)
  • Participants: 51.000
  • 5 regions with 45 sites
  • Market share in Upper Austria: 33 %

BFI Upper Austria provides vocational education and training in a wide context of areas.

The educational activities especially focus on training schemes aimed at the (re-)integration of unemployed persons or persons disadvantaged in the labour market. The pertinent educational and occupational schemes are designed and organised in close co-operation with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) and companies.

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