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ValidVol - Project


The ageing population is one of the most important phenomena of our time. The decline in the working age population is a long-term trend which began several decades ago in the EU, while the over-60 population will continue to rise by two million per year. The promotion of active ageing is a necessity for our societies, in order to face, proactively, the challenges of this social change. Senior volunteerism is an increasingly recognised way of offering learning opportunities to the senior demographic and new ways to contribute to society. However, the contribution that volunteerism can make to mature people, in terms of gaining skills and competences, often remains invisible.

In the above context, ValidVol (Validation of Volunteers) has been launched to recognise and accredit learning and skills development of individuals working in the voluntary sector (accredited learning and development of skills which individuals gain through their work in the voluntary sector). 

ValidVol is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme under the Grundtvig sub-programme and involves five European partner countries: Italy (UniTS), Spain (Agora), Greece (KMOP), Austria (BFI) and the United Kingdom (NWRC). It intends to contribute to the creation of systems, models and schemes which validate and clearly identify the key competences gained from their experience as volunteers.  

The target group of ValidVol consists of senior volunteers aged over 50 who are involved in voluntary services and wish to reinforce their employability, because they are either retired, under employed or unemployed. 

The project will look into the significant experiences of non-formal and informal learning through volunteering across Europe, and will motivate senior volunteers to be involved in further adult learning activities, which will facilitate or improve their employability. 

The ultimate goal of the ValidVol project is to develop a system to validate the key competences acquired during senior volunteering.